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Sunday, October 3, 2010

A quick hiatus

Narcissism always wins in the end. Today I want to take a break from the video game tunes to talk a little about myself and my other music interests.

Surely enough, if you looked at my iTunes, you wouldn't find nothing but video game music. Actually you'd find close to none. In fact I would absolutely HATE for anyone to think the only music I listen to is from video games. Ever since high school I've been a pretty anti-mainstream guy and took an interest to mainly stuff like punk rock and ska. I was the "I listen to music you've never heard of" guy, always wearing semi-obscure band shirts all day erry day. I was a hipster BEFORE it was cool. Here's some songs from my personal favorite bands:

The Lawrence Arms, and absolutely brilliant 3-piece band from Chicago that holds high regards for poetic lyrics backed by fairly simple powerchords.

And Streetlight Manifesto, who have been starting to rise in popularity by being genuinely good (which is pretty rare these days). They've definitely lost steam after their first album, Everything Goes Numb (Which is absolutely FLAWLESS, mind you. And I don't say that much), but as far as talented bands they're one of the best.

Relation I have with this music to video games? Uh, none. Well maybe all those years I spent humming Earthbound tracks, they've got a kind of ska influence in them. Well, there's Bomb The Music Industry! which is one of the most influential bands I've listened to. If you aren't into those loud shouting types of music (I wasn't either before listening to them) you should still give them a listen. Mostly just one guy with a laptop making punk rock with some 8-bit sounds here and there, all of it free at http://quoteunquoterecords.com/. Represent.

Ain't I a sexy one. I'll be back tomorrow with a little something from Legend of Mana.


  1. Music... Is the language of the soul, I don't care whether or not it's mainstream, I care if it speaks to me :)

  2. you must have an 8-bit brain...

  3. I like all sorts of music, I've been stuck on The Ramones lately. Oh and nice beard, I like =P

  4. Ohhh nice songs and pic. ^_^ Thanks for sharing!

  5. WOW, gotta say I don't know any of the music you mentioned but I respect you, is not bad music in any form! and I can't way to see about Legend of mana!

  6. I'm looking forward to your next post!

  7. odd music, kinda like it though.

  8. Great post!

    looking forward to reading the next one