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Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Its been awhile hasn't it? I recently got a little caught up in playing Megaman X Command Mission on the PS2. Its a Megaman JRPG and its pretty fun.

SO HEY! Let's get the back back rolling with a little Paper Mario! Paper Mario was a slick N64 RPG that didn't disappoint in being a sequel to Mario RPG on the SNES (I'll have to post about that later). There was also a second Paper Mario on Gamecube, but I just couldn't really enjoy it as much. I really felt like it dragged out too long for a game that was more of the same.

So take Paper Mario for what it is: An original RPG on a console that was starved for them. At a hint of platforming and some really nice looking settings, you've got a fun game. If I had to pick one song that had lasting appeal on me, it had to be The Koopa Bros Theme. The first REAL boss of the game, you and your partner gotta take on 4 badass Koopas dressed up like Ninja Turtles. The best part is that its a sick remix of the original Hammer Troopa theme in Mario 3. All the bosses got their own theme, which was pretty awesome.


  1. probably my fav game of all time - this song takes me back.

  2. gah! back when i had the n64 i didn't have much money, and neither did my parents. so i didn't get to play all these awesome games :(

  3. Haha wow... love it! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I can remember when that came out, god i feel old

  5. Paper Mario- I love this game!

  6. LOVED this game, can't tell you how many times I have beat it... The music really brought me back to those good old days!

  7. great post! and wicked game.. miss the old days.

  8. really great ! thanks for sharing :)

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  11. nostalgia :DDD i loved that game haha
    following :)

  12. The one Mario game I happen not to have! I'll have to get it if I ever see it on ebay or something!